Tuesday, July 27, 2004

the art of speed

the art of speed is a project commissioned by nike with 15 talented young filmmakers interpreting the idea of speed. all 15 films are on the latest dvd that came with creative review magazine (you have to subscribe to get the dvd which comes out twice a year). but all 15 films are available to download from the web site. the large size ones are pretty big so you'll need broadband connection. my favourite is the associates in science one which has the most useable sequences for worship. grace are doing a service at greenbelt called 'slow' looking at speed and slow - handy eh?!...

the web site also contains links to several other interesting things. i particularly like this hand clock

Monday, July 26, 2004

Global Images of Christ

Like many of us I gather pictures of Jesus from various places and
use them in various ways, often rather neglectful of the copyright
issues involved.

So I've been ecstatic to come across an excellent resource called "The
Christ We Share" which has given me a legal way to do this.

Produced by the Church Missionary Society in the UK, it contains 35
full colour images of Christ from various cultures around the world.

The images come as A5 mini posters, AND on CDROM as high and low
resolution images and two Powerpoint presentations - one with music by Proost.

But wait there's more... The pack also contains an excellent range of
activity sheets and worship ideas enabling people to explore how and
why various people and cultures see Christ through different eyes.

some of the images you will have seen before, particularly in WCC
publications - some will no doubt shock and disturb some.

It costs only 15 pounds sterling (where is that pound symbol when you
need it...!) and for me an extra 6 pounds for air freight to Oz.

Highly recommended - its stunning.

They don't have online ordering so you have to fax the details.

CMS Partnership House, 157 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UU
Switchboard (020) 7928 8681 Fax (020) 7401 3215
Direct Line (020) 7803 3376
E-mail: anne.key@cms-uk.org
URL: www.cms-uk.org

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Godspeak - Film Festival 2004

2004 Festival Theme: Grace
Are you into film?
Rate yourself as a producer or director?
Or just want to have fun with your friends?
Then Godspeak Film Festival is for you.

Create a short film based around the biblical theme of “grace”.
What is this thing called grace?
What does it look like?
This is your chance to explore, ponder, provoke, enlighten, get creative and have fun!

Scripture when used in your film must be accurately depicted or quoted. This may be achieved by retelling a biblical account or by portraying a biblical account in a contemporary context. Films may be drama, sitcom, documentary or animation.

More information here

Saturday, July 03, 2004

in motion - new DVD

in motion screen shotIm Motion is a new DVD produced by OSBD for RUN (reaching the unchurched network). it has clearly been a huge project in the making with 4 sections -

5 stories of faith (it was surprise and fun to see barry taylor on there!)
3 dramas
5 excerpts from 'the street bible' performed by rob lacey on location (street bible is being published in the USA as 'the word on the street' i think)
4 reflective visual pieces designed for meditation or worship

it's all new material - over 80 minutes worth, useable in lots of contexts. i think it is well suited to churches looking for creative material or small groups wanting a discussion starter. i can imagine the street bible being played for the bible reading in a service - would be great... the most useable bits for alt worship are the reflective visual pieces. my favourite is one that has shots of eyes overlaying each other with things going on in the reflection of the pupil of the eye - very nicely done! it actually reminds me of an eye we filmed close up as part of grace ten. our concept there was that grace comes to us through sight if we have eyes to see.... the loop on the dvd is rather more sophisticated...

there are some samples of the video on the osbd page......

Friday, July 02, 2004

Spiderman 2 Discussion Paper for Youth Groups

Just thought I'd let you all know that I have written a 1st edition Discussion helper on Spiderman 2 and put it up onto the Youth and Multimedia website (sorry, only members of that list can access to that).

For those of you not on the list I have also placed a copy here.

It's a 7 page, 330kb pdf file, sorry but Open Office seems to make bloated pdf's. I might actually have to find another way to create pdf's :)

Usual warnings about the paper containing spoilers and story line to those of you who didnt catch it on the first couple of days of screening.

I hope to get back to it later and smooth it out with some specific bible readings and other suggestions, if anyone has some suggestions please let me know.

Remember, to join the list all you need to do is click here...

Also on the Youth and Multimedia website is a Big Fish discussion paper and many other cool resources...