Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Dig Tree Multimedia Project

The Dig Tree project is sponsored by the Uniting Church in Australia and is being organised by Kippax Uniting Church. The aim of the project is to help the church use and create multi-media resources.

The idea is to essentially create an "open" publishing system that uses a copyright framework to enable subscribers and contributors to share resources without fear of breaking the law, but also protects the interests of the author/creator/artist.

Eventually the intention the resources will be available by subscription (amount to be determined). The income will help for covering the distribution costs, to sustain the project, and to commission contributors for specific content.

Distribution of resources will be via the Internet and possibly by DVD (depending on various issues be resolved).

We am very interested in finding both potential contributors/subscribers. Feel free to visit the website and register your interest. More details can be found on the website about the project or just send me an email.

However, just to get you moving, right now there are a couple of free Advent resources that are available in "the Library" on the new website The only thing is that you need to self register on the website to get to the files. You will find them in the beginnings of "the Library". Feel free to contribute your own creations as well... of course don't forget to check out the copyright rules first.


Dean Tregenza
The Dig Tree Project

City Lights Street Art Project

More than 18 artists collaborate on Australia's largest street art project at World Square in Sydney. Corner of George and Goulburn St.

AUGUST 18 to 22, 2004 Wednesday August 18, Citylights, Multiplex and World Square present an unprecedented collaborative public art project on the hoardings of the World Square site in the heart of Sydney's CBD. OUTSIDE THE SQUARE-EXTRA CLASSIC will feature stencils, painting and graffiti on over 170 metres of panels, by 18 artists working with the Citylights Project out of Melbourne.

The work will be viewable 24 hours a day until April 2005, when the panels will be auctioned with proceeds going to charities supporting homeless youth.

Spirituality Signposts

Signposts is a fantastic set of 48 full-colour cards exploring spirituality, for use in discussion or learning activity.Produced by St. Lukes in Bendigo, Victoria, the cards feature stunning photos and 1-3 word phrases that evoke something of the experience of spirituality.

walking through shadow
remembering blessings
noticing beauty
looking for signposts
practicing compassion
welcoming others
wondering at the mystery

You will gather from the examples that the phrases are very open ended and not naming a particular religious tradition, in fact they are very un-churchy. The pack comes with a booklet that gives a number of suggestions of
ways to use the cards. I think they're sensational. I wish they had an electronic version.

You can see some sample cards here.

BTW,St. Lukes have lots of other great stuff too.

Monday, November 15, 2004

300 audio loops in 30 days

300 loops (wav files) in 30 days. each set of loops is only up for 7 days. haven't got round to listening to any yet so can't vouch for the quality - (thanks ben for the tip off).

Wednesday, November 03, 2004