Monday, August 30, 2004

Free Online Videos

Thanks to list-member Rebecca for this link to the Open Video Project that has all kinds of historical footage and other weird and wonderful stuff that you can use. Over 200 clips at present. Formats vary.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Storytellers DVDs and More...

For sometime I have been playing around with ideas of how to create space for a wide variety of gifted people to share their inspiration, spirituality and perspective in a time where questions could be asked and faith explored.... then along comes Sarah McLachlan's new DVD 'Storytellers'. Its basically an intimate unplugged type performance where Sarah shares more than normal about the inspiration behind a limited number of her songs as she performs them.
Its part of a 'storytellers series of DVDs.
At different points the time opens up for questions from the small audience.
Whether you choose a community venue like a cafe or transform a worship space into an informal setting... the idea is to invite individuals to prepare some input based around their INSPIRATION, SPIRITUALITY AND PERSPECTIVE... make space for Q&A as part of the presentation and ideally include hospitality as part of the event!!

For example:
1. Invite a musician to perform their own tunes and those of their influences, explain how the songs inspire, shape their faith or what perspective they have on the issues it raises.
2. Invite an artist to curate an exhibition of their own works or significant ones [display stills or video by big screen]
3. Invite someone who is into alt.worship high tech multi-media experiences to put together some 'best of' stuff an lead people through some experiences
4. Invite someone like myself to share stories, movie scenes and songs that inspire and shape faith and explain whyAND so on....This could be done as part of an existing alternative or contemporary worship program, four times per year focused on being 'out there' in the community, at significant times like Lent and Advent and/or as a way of connecting to schools or particular communities of people in your local setting...

I'll be on the lookout for places to trial these events in the next 12 months!!

Find this idea, youth ministry 'unreliable ideas', worship unplugged suggestions, music, movies and my own less than academic observations on the world and my interests in it!!
At comments welcomed...
I try not to steal too many of the ideas from members of the youthmulti-media egroup...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Princeton Youth Ministry CDs

The Princeton Insitute for Youth Ministry in the US gives away two excellent youth ministry resources.

Each year since 1996 they have hosted a lecture series on Youth, Church and Culture, with presenters such as Jurgen Moltmann, Kenda Creasy Dean, Dorothy Bass, Will Willimon, Mark Yaconelli, Michael Warren, Sharon Parks and others. A copy of the lectures is available free. You can download them here.

Information about the next lecture series in January and April on the theme "With Imagination and Love: Leadership in Youth Ministry" is here.

Cloud of Witnesses is the Princeton Audio Journal on Youth, Church and Culture. Now at Volume Seven, on the theme of Mission, the free CDs feature talks, interviews, music, Bible studies, sermons, stories and more. The presenters consist of youth pastors, young people, clergy, theologians and others. And its free.

Previous volume themes include Play, Story, Vocation, Suffering & Hope, Spirituality, and Ministry.

To find out more click here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the cyber schoolbus

The United Nations have a sensational web portal for students called the cyberschoolbus. I know, "cyber" and "schoolbus" don't seem to add up, but hey.

All kinds of great informational on global issues
- comparative statistics on countries around the world (as distinct from other countries....?)
- quizzes about global stuff (currently flags and water - that's two quizzes, not one!)
- curriculum resources of peace, poverty, human rights and more
- info about special days such as World Environment Day
- a link to the previously posted Aftershocks art exhibition

Currently an interactive Flash cartoon exploring work for children in terms of human rights called 3PLUS-U

Lots of great resources for educational use.

Growing up with War and Terrorism

Aftershocks in an online display of art and memoirs by young people growing up with war and terrorism. (don't call it 'terror'. Grrr)

The artwork and journals in this online exhibit were created by teenagers who lived through the war in Bosnia and children in New York City who witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center.

As well as art and journals, the site contains a video documentary of some of the artists.

Well worth a visit.