Monday, February 21, 2005


COTA - ORDOtoday when we hear your voice
today when we hear your voice
we wont harden our hearts
we wont harden our hearts

heaven and earth meet here
and we will hear your voice
heaven and earth meet here
and we will hear your voice

I'm quite happy today because my copy of the Church of Apostle's cd "Ordo" was sitting in my in-tray when I wandered into the office this morning. I've got it playing on the laptop as I type.

ORDO is a cd of modern church music for mass : eucharist : holy communion (the central act of weekly christian worship in the catholic christian tradition).

I'm not able to say much about the cd because I'm only on track 3, but from what I've heard so far is great...

Go check it out, heck, go n buy it here.

Monday, February 14, 2005

media influence on young people

Paul Teusner, an Australian deacon and youth worker, is working on a Master's in Theology, focusing on how electronic media (from TV to the internet) has influenced young people's attitudes towards traditional forms of religion in Australia, and how it has both enabled and set the terms for young people to form a religious identity away from traditional structures.

Paul has set up a website here where he has made some papers available and you can also access his blog there.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Superbowl Ads Online

The 39th Superbowl final of the NFL (National Football League) was held at Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday February 6. It's clearly a big deal in the US of A. Down under Gridiron just doesn't rate much interest. But around the world advertising eyes are turning to the Superbowl television commercials.

Superbowl Ads is a web site that provides links to the news articles, advertisers' sites, and a connection to the ads at ifilm. It's run by Ken Phipps in San Francisco.

IFilm have all 60 ads available to watch, as well as the banned ones. You have the choice of watching in Real, Quicktime or Windows Media Player. The only problem I had with this site was the lack of control over what I was watching.

Another site to check out is the Board Screening Room. Board is an advertising magazine that offers free online membership - providing limited access to articles and video files. Right now a good proportion of the Superbowl ads are available there in Quicktime format.

Adforum has two free Superbowl ads a day in mpeg format. For $10 US you can access all the Ads for 2004 and 2005 - for a whole year.

Oh, by the way, the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24 - 21.

Duncan - from


the new lemon jelly CD 64-95 arrived yesterday. i also got the DVD which has the most fantastic packaging ever on a DVD (haven't got round to watching the content yet!)

i got an e-mail from someone in london who enjoyed the dead texan folloiwng my recommendation. in turn he has recommended i check out Stafrænn Hákon. i did a search on google and came across this site 3hive that collects legitimate links to mp3 downloads for all sorts of artists. so i have now downloaded 6 tracks by stafraenn hakon to listen to... thanks andy...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The End of the Internet

In his book "Habits of the High-Tech Heart", Quentin Schultze mentions a website that posted the following:


You have finished the Internet
(This is the last page)

Thank you for visiting.
there are no more links

(You must now turn off your computer
and go do something productive)

Monday, February 07, 2005


I just wanted to re-publicise the QUEST dvd series, I've had a copy for a little while now and am pretty impressed by it's process and it's production quality.

It'd work well for year 7's and ups and provides a space for people to be able to ask questions and have a good discussion over issues and faith type stuff. The set also includes a Youth Leader training dvd that is rather useful to raise issues with churches/synods/presbyteries and includes people like Campolo, Mclaren and many other pastors and
Youth Workers...

It'd work well in schools, churches, youth groups, camps...

When purchasing the set remember to mention me, they may give you an aussie discount :)

They've just released another sample of the dvd series titled "something for nothing" which can be downloaded at:

Watch Video: WMV File

Watch Video: Quicktime File

Quest website: