Friday, September 17, 2004

stunning animation DVDs

Animation Trip distribute DVDs from a range of producers, mainly in the arena of 3D animation. Some of their titles showcase the short films of 3D animators around the world, such as the stunning Animusic where musical instruments play themselves - yes, it's a symphonic Sorcerer's Apprentice.

They also distribute some stunning videos made by Addictive TV in the UK. The Transambient and Mixmasters series consist of electorinc dance music with video accompaniment. There's great variety in the music and imagery, with many, many stunning visual sequences, both 'real life' and animated.

Their website says:

Our visuals label was set up in 1999 to produce DVDs of integrated electronic music & visual mixes by VJs, DJs, visual artists and music producers. Transambient was released in 2000 as the first audiovisual DVD album; ZDNet called it 'digital perfection' and The Big Issue called it "proper 21st century entertainment". The second release, Spaced Out, was described by DJ Magazine as '2001's best reason to buy a DVD player'. 2001 also saw Addictive TV sign with major US dance label Moonshine for American distribution. Projects feature original work from artists including Quantic, 808 State, Coldcut and EBN's Brian Kane and exclusive mixes from DJs including Baby Mammoth, Tim 'Love' Lee and Spacer. Visual styles range from trippy Super8 to full-on CGI. Music includes everything from chilled electronica to drum 'n' bass.

Animation Trip have downloadable examples, but you can also purchase the DVDs from Addictive TV themselves.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Dark

The Dark is actually online!!!

I've been waiting for this to get online for months and it's actually operating!!!!


Ok, ok, excitement over, go and check the dang thing out!!!