Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Vibewire - Sanctuary

Vibewire are excited to announce a call for submissions to Sanctuary - a competition dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to get their thoughts, ideas and perspectives out there. It's an awesome chance to participate in the dialogue that shapes our country and its policies, to get heard, and to win some cool stuff.

What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a space for young people to comment on what is increasingly one of the core terms used to describe Australian culture: Multiculturalism.

What this term means to our society, and specifically to young people in our society, will be a key factor in the development of Australia over the next half century.

And so we ask - What is multiculturalism to you?

The Sanctuary competition is soliciting entries from anyone 15-30 in the categories of creative writing, non-fiction and images. Prizes will be awarded to the winning entry in each category.

Submission guidelines:

Creative Writing

Word limit of 600 words
Submitted electronically

Non-Fiction Writing

Word limit of 600 words
Submitted electronically


Minimum size of 150mm x 100mm @ 300dpi (1800pixels x 1200 pixels) Submitted electronically

The top 3 entries in each categories will be published in the Sanctuary Anthology, with 10, 000 copies distributed nationally for Harmony Day 2005 These and more entries will be published in a special section of vibewire.net

Deadline for submissions is 31 December, 2004

For more details visit www.vibewire.net/sanctuary/

This project is proudly supported by the Australian Government¹s Living in Harmony initiative, which aims to promote community harmony. For more information, visit www.immi.gov.au/harmony